Thursday, June 16, 2011

More News

Alright, so my Cintiq has finally been shipped off for repair meaning I can hopefully get it back within a month and a half or so.  Assuming everything goes smoothly, I should be back to my normal productivity once that's taken care of.
As of this coming Sunday, I will be moving back to Windsor in order to begin my internship at Black Sea Studios.  Hopefully a new living space can reopen the creative part of my brain.  I'm sick of where I am and can't wait to move on.  My art skills are just as fine as ever and I have no problem drawing when I'm given exactly what to draw, it's just that I'm finding myself staring at blank pages in my free time with no idea what to fill them with.
The hype I'm feeling for the soon to be released 3DS version of Ocarina of Time has inspired me to do some Zelda fanart so you should see some of that here soon.

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