Monday, October 17, 2011


Just gonna give a quick little update.  I'm currently adjusting to an altered setting, mostly with the presence of actual furniture in my new room, resulting in a new drawing setup.
I've got my workspace setup similar to what you would actually find in a studio now; the laptop on the right and the Cintiq on the left (as I'm left-handed) which I never had the table space to do before.  In addition, I no longer have the Cintiq set as my "main display", which gives me a little bit more room to draw with.
However, I have encountered an issue with this.  Some programs seem to have trouble displaying properly on the Cintiq when it's not set to the main display and this has hindered me from finishing up some of my drawings. I may just go back to having my Cintiq be my main display but I'd rather find another solution so I can keep that extra bit of space.
That said, I'm still able to use GIMP with no problem so I've done a ton of sketching lately.  So there's more art to come and very soon.

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